Glass Eloquence Without Saying A Word

Jul 18 2018

handcrafted glassware stemware

We often take glasses for granted. They are regular, mundane even. But when someone hands you a drink in a better quality glass, perhaps a crystal one, you understand not all glass is equal.

Mass produced glass is one thing, but handcrafted is on another plane altogether. Let’s start at the bottom.

The Base – This crucial piece of handcrafted glassware stemware balances the structure and adds the symmetry.

The Stem – need to be elegant and long enough to ensure that your body heat doesn’t affect the temperature of the wine.

The Bowl – the part that holds the liquid, will be many different shapes, according to the drink. It allows the aroma to come across and gives the wine space to breathe.

The Rim – or top edge should be thin and smooth so nothing gets in the way of the wine and its elegance rests in your not noticing it.

Glass or Crystal

Crystal means that lead has been added to molten glass. When you look through a crystal glass it captures the light in a prism and creates a rainbow. Crystal can be much thinner than regular glass and so can be more delicate.

Different Glasses for Different Drinks

Glasses come in different shapes to preserve the quality of the drink. A martini glass is an inverted cone which helps to keep the ingredients pushed together and maintain the temperature. These are glasses which never have ice in them. Keeping a martini cool is essential.

The Champagne flute’s shape is to keep the bubbles. But think back to the 1950s. Then people drank from a coupe because tastes ran to a fruiter fizz.

The glass compliments the drink and rounds out the experience. It is worth taking a few moments to put your favorite drink into right glass.