Wholesale Features And Uses Of Ostrich Feathers

May 18 2018


ostrich feathers wholesale

When you go to a leading and national wholesaler for your service requirements, expect to receive so much more. When you buy ostrich feathers wholesale expect to experience so much more variety in use.

Ostrich wing plumes are mainly used as decorative centerpieces, while ostrich drabs remain popular for fancy dress parties or Mardi Gras balls. Ostrich wing plumes are provided to the customer full and plush. While they will continue to be used as decorative pieces for special events, they remain ideal as costume attachments.

They are used in the tailoring of samba costumes and burlesque fans. The wing plumes reach a span of nearly thirty inches. Ostrich drabs, however, are a little shorter, at just over twenty inches. Do note too, that the drab feathers are rare and can only be provided in a limited range of common colors. But do note also, that these feathers are also dyed in accordance with consumers’ choices or popularity.

The dyed ostrich drabs are extensively available at the wholesale point but will be provided at even shorter lengths, coming in at just under ten inches. Those with budget concerns can purchase ostrich tail feathers instead of the drabs. They are cheaper. They are sized from fourteen to eighteen inches as well. Ostrich spads (for spadones) are also popular choices for event decoration and fancy dress. They are also used as part of a floral arrangement.

Spads are also being put together for the tying of fishing flies. The ostrich nandu is also known as the trimmed ostrich. This is because the quill’s flues are trimmed at each side. This leaves about one to two inches of the original remaining. And don’t forget that the majestic ostrich still has other uses elsewhere.